Sunday, June 04, 2006

Listening to radio broadcasts of classical music

Appreciating classical music is helped hugely by using good equipment. Hi-fi separates do cost more than midi systems but produce much better sound. A pair of good quality bookshelf or floorstanding speakers will last a lifetime and is an excellent investment if you want good sound. It is worth bearing in mind that the bookshelf speakers are not, despite their name, ideally placed on bookshelves, though, as they ought to be a little away from the wall. Consider speakers from Bowers & Wilkins, Mission, and Mordaunt Short, but before you buy it worth looking up some reviews in hi-fi magazines. Buying good quality speaker cable and interconnects (the cables connecting separates to the amplifier) are essential. Again, hi-fi magazines will give you a good idea about what to choose.

Any hi-fi describing itself as a “lifestyle” product (a euphemism for plastic) should be avoided like the plague as the sound quality is likely to be low. Even the expensive “lifestyle” products from Bose are widely detested by audiophiles who object to the mediocre, inaccurate sound. You will not find any worthwhile equipment in Curry's. Instead, seek out a specialist hi-fi retailer like Sevenoaks Sound and Vision, Richer Sounds, or a Sony Centre.

If, however, you are after a portable radio, then you just cannot beat a Roberts Radio which are widely available on the high street and through Roberts has no fewer than three royal warrants and has been in business since 1932. Moreover, the quality of their products is excellent. I have been using one of their DAB digital radios and its sound is as superb for a portable radio.


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